5th Grade Program

How are cultures shaped by the natural environment? In what ways do those cultures, in turn, shape their environment? How do these issues affect the Coos County area? Our 5th grade “Kids to Museum” program, developed by the museum’s Education Committee, encourages students to consider these fundamental questions in the context of the coal and timber industriesundefinedboth prominent players in our local history. 

The classroom portion of this program focuses on the relationship between topography and settlement patterns. Students learn to read topographic maps and are urged to consider how topography might affect transportation, economic opportunity, and migration. Interactive activities help students to read maps and consider basic questions about where they might build a school, a railroad, a highway, and other structures in a particular landscape. 

During the second component, at the Coos History Museum and Maritime Collection students work with our timber and coal exhibits, our collection of historic photographs, and a unique three-dimensional topographic map to interpret this "evidence" and think more concretely about local history, industry, and transportation.

Our 5th grade program culminates with a visit to Front Street, the historic waterfront district in Coos Bay. Students discover the physical and cultural evolution of the site as documented in maps and photos, and consider what it might have been like to live there in its heyday, and tour the street discovering traces of its past.  The trip includes a tour of a historic printing facility, and "living history" characters portrayed by middle and high schoolers.

Like our 4th grade program, our 5th grade program helps students experience history as a dynamic concept, and a context for thinking about issues in the present. We have developed this program to be rigorous, academic, and engaging, using State Content Standards as a guideline.

Standards Addressed by 5th Grade Program

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