50th Anniversary of Stonewall

This past Saturday community members celebrated the 50th Year Anniversary of Stonewall, a historic milestone in the civil rights movement. We had the pleasure of hosting 7 panelist from Coos County to discuss what Stonewall meant to them. After watching a short video overview of the movement, an audience of 65+ people asked questions and spoke about how they could relate personally to an ongoing understanding of LGBTQ+ rights. Folks from community agencies asked about making their work places more inclusive, while other people shared personal stories of loved ones. We are thankful to our panelist who all contributed their perspectives and resources. This was a great way to close up Pride Month, but folks left hoping there will be more events like this year round.


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  1. Karl Dittner says:

    Thank you for all the hard work that all of you do! Thank you for all the input that you give, the newsletters, all the pictures, emails. Thank you for sharing all the History that you give to all of us! All of you that work there, You are all Very Special People!! In that you Care about Educating all of us!!
    Thank You Again For All The Hard Work That All Of You Do!!!
    Karl Dittner

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