CHM Scavenger Hunt

The winner for the CHM Local History Scavenger Hunt will be announced live tonight at the conclusion of this evening’s program.

How to Participate

For one week, between October 17th at 5:00 PM – October 24th at 6:00 PM you will have the opportunity to participate in a local history scavenger hunt, and if completed you will gain one entry into a raffle for the chance to win a Nintendo Switch. 

  1. “Follow” Coos History Museum on Facebook or Instagram (or email to join our email list).
  2. Review the Scavenger Hunt Tasks below because you must document and complete 3 of 5 by taking a photo and recording a fact, to be entered into the raffle.
  3. Post/email the photo you took and fact you learned for each task you complete to our Facebook or Instagram page. Tag us by using @cooshistorymuseum and #CHMscavengerhunt (or in an email to please include “CHM Scavenger Hunt” in the subject line).

Note: You must be a resident of Coos County to participate, and all tasks must be completed in Coos County. After all, we want to Celebrate Coos History!  

Scavenger Hunt Tasks

*Reminder: you need to complete at least 3 of 5 tasks listed below and include a photo and fact for each.

  1. Visit a local museum
    • “Museums” include traditional museums, house museums, art galleries, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, etc. 
    • Hint(s): Your fact doesn’t necessarily have to be historical for this task. Some museums may have information online. Some have signage or exhibits outside (including the Coos History Museum).
  2. Visit an historic place
  3. Visit a local cemetery 
    • Visit an historic cemetery, or at least an historic grave, and learn about someone who passed away 50 years ago or more.
    • Hint: There are many cemeteries in Coos County and to get you started, try visiting Find A Grave.
  4. Visit an historic marker
    • Discover and learn about historic markers, informational plaques or signage, trail markers, monuments, and more that you might not have ever noticed before. 
    • Hint: You might have to look up, down, and all around for historic markers in your town, but if you need some help you may find it on this Historical Marker Database.
  5. Interview someone from a different generation
    • Interview, or just have a conversation with someone that belongs to a different generation from yours. Consider what makes your lives and experiences similar and different. 
    • Hint: The goal is history, knowledge, and making a connection! Also, if you and/or your interviewee do not want to be photographed, perhaps you can include a picture that represents what you’ve learned. 

Participating from Home: while we strongly encourage you to get outside and physically visit these places, you may also participate from the comfort of your home if needed. Check out the resources listed above, and conduct your own research, to help you on your (physical or virtual) quest. 

Safety First: Please be safe and respectful in your attempt to complete these tasks. Be sure not to trespass, only visit places that are open, and be mindful of others and social distancing protocols. For example, some places may not be open to the public, may require an appointment, passcode, etc. and historic homes may have current tenants. So again, please keep these things in mind when completing your scavenger hunt tasks.