Donors and Sponsors

The Coquille Animal Hospital

George Ahuna
Nancy Allen
Jay Anderson
Susan Anderson
Sam and Sandi Archer
Sven and Pat Backman
Sheila Banks
Jim and Alfreda Batdorff
Ray and Sherry Bathrick
Ken and Diane Bauer
Jane O’Dell Baumgarten
Carol Beauchamp
Paula M. Bechtold
Art and Janna Beckett
Joe Benetti
Richard and Yvonne Besser
Joyce Bonk and Lesley Cox
George Nixon and Barbara Booth
Kenneth and Avadna Boshears
David and Shirley Bridgham
John and Rose Briggs
Wilton Bunch
Corliss and Bill Burgher
Martin and Suzy Callery
Frances J Capehart
Debbie & Bruce Carpani
George B. Case
Jerry & Shirley Champagne – Harris
Peggy Christensen
Nancy L Clarke
Joe and Toni Blisseck
Johanna & Bob Dillard
Janell Conner
JoAn Conway
Joe & Anne Cook
Robert and Susan Coraor
Randy and Sheree Corrigan
Shawn and Darcy Corrigan
Jerry and Bonnie Cox
Barbara Cribb
Jeff and Carol Davis
Jenni DeLeon
Ken and Cathy Denton
Charles Edmunds
Myrle Ellingsen
John Engels
Les and Becky Engle
Susan Ferguson
Cindy Finlayson
Benton Flaxel
John and Joy Flaxel
Laurie Followell
Michael and Linda Gibson
Michael Greif
Steve and Joan Greif
Butch Shields
Robert E. and Julie L. Granger
Robert Conrad and Barilynn Grant
Gary and Martha Gregor
Norm Grenell
Bill and Linda Grile
Anne Guerin
Steven Haavig and Paula Scavera
Luba Halopoff
Genelle Hanken
Ron and Joan Harpole
Marcia and Bob Hart
Rich and Franny Heady
Michael & Ann Heath
Ryan Hogan
Blair Holman and Ginny Tabor
Leisha Holmes
Chuck and Mary Howard
Steve and Jan Hooper
Bob and Janet Huggins
Susan and William Hutchinson
John and Laura Isenhart
Don Ivy and Lucinda Dinovo
Tom & Rose Jacobson
Nat and Sally Jaeggli
Adrienne Jernigan
Julianne Johnson
David and Marcella Jordan
Korey S Jorgensen, MD
Rudy and Mary Jo Juul
Don Garwood and Diana Keller
Charles and Judy King
John and Judy Knutson
Eric and Mary Kohler
Robert Kuenzli
Bill and Ann Lansing
David J. Laird
Lou and Kathie Leberti
Hugh Lee
Karen Lind
Pete and Jane Lund
Trish Mace
Dr. Robert Macy
Craig & Shari Main
David and Susan Main
Mike and Sharon Main
Ruth Marie Martin
Dan and Lisa Mast
JoAnn Mast
William Mast
Lucille Matson
Bill & Hillary Mattecheck
Verena Matthews
Gregory and Elizabeth McClarren
Bill McGuire
Dave Lunde & Pat McKillip
John Merchant
Donald Messerle
Barbara and Bernard Metzger
Shane Miller
Steve and Linda Miller
John Mitchell
Bill Moore
Carol and Wayne Murray
Dan and Charlyn Myers
Nasburg Huggins Insurance Co
Gary and Virginia Noffsinger
Burl and Miladean Noggle
Mary Paczesniak, Ms.
Donna Penny
Linda & Mark Petterson
Jim Philpott
Donald Poage
Arthur and Antoinette Poole
Barbara Porter
Jim Proehl
Reg Pullen
Gene Quilhaugh
Michael and Lindi Quinn
Elizabeth Readel
Jon and Kathy Richards
Pat Richardson
Daniel and Mary Robertson
Bob and Nanette Ross
Gordon and Wilma Ross
Greg and Barbara Rueger
Mary Russell-Miller
Sause Bros.
Patty Scott and Jeff Hash
Larry & Trish Seguine
Kent and Andrea Sharman
Dr. Steven G. and Eva Shimotakahara
Cherilee M. Sickels
Gary and Diane Simon
Clayton and Kim Smith
Cory Smith
Frances and Joe Smith
Doug and Cricket Soules
Elizabeth Spona
Steve and Yvonne Spooner
Kathy Sprague
Mike and Mary Lou Stebbins
Chris Stephens
Joe and Lyndi Stoffel
Patti Strain
Roger and Anita Straus
Linda Strine
Irene Sund
Dana and Linda Sweatt
John Sweet
Dean Talboy
Barbara L. Taylor and Steven Fowler
Ted and Carolynn Terry
Ellen Thompson
Clyde and Diane Thrift
Dave and Janet Tilton
Susan & Brian Tissot
LN “Pixie” Toliver
Lyn Topits
Bill and Barbara Underwood
Marie A Valerio
Brad and Susan Veldstra
Carol Ventgen
Jim and Diane Verger
Joanne Verger
Roger and Maren Vernon
Dick Vigue
Diana and Chuck Wall
George and Janice Wallenstein
Mike & Eura Washburn
Maxeen Wegner
Rocky & Jill Wentzel
Diana Wheeler
Jay and Melody White
Bill and Margery Whitmer
Richard Whitwer
Marilyn Wilson and Karen Blew
Will and Doreen Wright
Tom and Diana Younker
Lionel Youst
Al & Elaine Zimmerman
Thank you to our business sponsors and our donors. Our work wouldn’t be possible without your generous support.
Current Business Memberships:


  • Black Market Gourmet
  • CNB Security
  • Coastal Paper & Supply
  • Coos Boat Tours
  • Coquille Animal Hospital
  • D.B. Green Environmental Consulting, LLC
  • Gold Coast Truck Repair
  • Honda World
  • Lee Valley Dairy
  • Maya Graphics
  • Puppy Love
  • Sause Bros.
  • Tom Leahy Real Estate
If you or your business would like to become a sponsor or donate to the Coos History Museum, please contact us today.
Bronze survey markers have been placed outside the museum.  In order to find the names you are looking for, a list was made to make searching easier.  Click here for the list.  Come to the Museum to see the marker.
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Making Donations to the Museum From an IRA

Thoughts from retired CPA and current CCHS Treasurer, Norm Herning. Click on the picture below to enlarge.

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Martha Butler (standing) initial donor for the new museum, with Elinor Jorgensen.

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