CHM Event

Celebrate Coos History 2020: Kickoff!

5:00 pm

Virtual Event

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  • CHM Annual Awards Ceremonyhosted by Steven Greif
  • Tootsie Rolls and History Museums: A Walk Down Memory Lane – hosted by Marcia Hart with Annie Donnelly, Bill Lansing, Terri & John Whitty, Caddie McKeown, and Jennifer Groth
  • Celebrating Coos History and Volunteer Spotlights video presentations

Tonight’s webinar will start with Board member Steve Greif introducing the recipients of this year’s Nathan Douthit Local Historian Award to Bert Dunn, Mary Banks Granger Maritime History Award to Roger Ott and the Martha Butler Service Award to Arlene Roblan and posthumously to the family of Toni Ann Brend.

Following the award presentation, host Marcia Hart will take the members of the capital campaign committee Terri & John Whitty, Annie Donnelly, Bill Lansing, Jennifer Groth and Representative Caddy McKeown on a trip down memory lane. Learn what it took to take the initial windfall of Tootsie Roll Stock to bring the community together and raise over $9,000,000 to construct our beautiful Museum on the waterfront.

During the hour, attendees will see Celebrating Coos History (created by Steve Greif), a slide show video presentation highlighting the construction of the Museum, its grand opening, and programming through this year. In addition, Volunteer Spotlights (created by Ariel Peasley and Tina Mendizabal) will highlight even more of our incredible volunteers, the work they do for the museum and our community, and why they enjoy donating their time to the Coos History Museum family. Featuring: Steve Greif, John Engels, Becky Soules, Dick Wagner, Barb Cribb, Ann Collins, Richard Whitwer, and Carol Ventgen.

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