CHM Event

Explorer’s Club

11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Number Available: 50

Bookings are closed for this date and time.

Saturday, July 9th from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, we will be hosting Explorer’s Club for children and families free of charge. The Explorer’s Club activity for this month is Adventure Make-Up Day!

Walk-In or Register: While we always welcome walk-ins for Explorer’s Club, we also encourage our local families to register for this club and program here. To register, please fill out the information on this page and use the “spaces” to indicate how many children you would like to register for this ongoing monthly and yearly program.

Explorer’s Club in 2022 is all about encouraging local families to join us on our free Second Saturday and at Explorer’s Club for fun and educational activities for children. For some added benefits, Explorer’s Club now has the option of registration so that parents and children may receive some additional benefits, which are listed below. Activities for explorers follow the topic for our adult lecture series program called First Tuesday Talks. However, with no First Tuesday Talk in July, we will have our Adventure Make-Up Day! Join us to participate in a variety of engaging previous Explorer’s Club activities where children can participate in as many activities as they’d like covering a wide range of topics. If you’re joining us as a local registered family, up to two of the activities this month will count toward their Adventure Journal, and possibly toward our grand prize to be awarded at the end of the year. 

Registration includes:

  • A monthly email (a reminder and other information about Explorer’s Club and programs for children and families)
  • An Adventure Journal for children to document their progress each month and throughout the year
  • A guarantee that your child(ren) will receive an activity kit each month (whether at the museum or a take-home kit)
  • A small prize at the end of the year for participation at any level (must have at least 1 activity documented and approved in Adventure Journal)
  • A raffle entry for the grand prize for all children who participate in at least 7 activities during the year (must have at least 7 activities documented and approved in Adventure Journal)

Click here to visit the Explorer’s Club (Second Saturday) webpage: Explorer’s Club

All events subject to change.