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Fourth Friday Talks – Art and Heritage of Oregon Myrtlewood

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Coos History Museum


Art and Heritage of Oregon Myrtlewood with Terry J. Woodall from Pacific Carvings and PacCarv Publishing

The March 24, 2023 Fourth Friday Talk will take place in-person from 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM at the museum. Doors to the museum will open from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM for visitors to view the exhibit hall if desired.

Registration is required and offered both in person at the museum or over the phone by calling the museum at 541-756-6320. Registration is limited to 25 spaces so please register at your earliest convenience.

The Southern Oregon Coast and Coast Range Mountains, with their rich wealth of wildlife, sea life and myrtlewood forests, provide Terry with all the important elements of his full time and life long career creating sculptural art based on wild nature. From his Pacific Carvings studio/workshop established there in 1981, Terry has provided thousands of carvings and sculptures to hundreds of locations worldwide. He creates the majority of his sea life and wildlife subjects from myrtlewood, a rare and highly desirable hardwood found only in his southwestern corner of Oregon. Many of his artistic techniques have been invented through experimentation, such as the stain application to his carved orca whales. A key element in Terry’s work is utilizing the natural flow and shapes of wood for his expressive sculptures.

Beginning in 2007, Woodall has achieved international recognition and numerous awards with his interpretive sculptures of wildlife interactions executed in both wood and bronze. Perhaps the most pivotal experience in Woodall’s career came with the Artists for Conservation Foundation Fellowship Award, which gave him the opportunity for an artistic field study to Lake Baikal, Russia. The focus of this artistic field study were the world’s only freshwater seals that inhabit Lake Baikal, and many creations depicting these unusual pinnipeds resulted from Terry’s observations.

Join us at the CHM to take take a deep look into this national treasure tree from the beautiful myrtlewood groves of Southern Oregon’s coastal region. Learn about its inner workings and cultural rewards from craftsmen spanning the past 100 years. See actual artifacts created by the trees, and how artist, Terry Woodall transforms them into wildlife art. Have access to the only comprehensive book ever written on Oregon Myrtlewood, the newly released “Myrtlewood Memoirs.” Follow the course of this author/artist’s journey through 40 years of carving myrtlewood wildlife and exploring the myriad secrets of these trees and their wood. 

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