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Guinean Drumming Demonstration

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

About Alseny Yansane: Alseny Yansane is a traditional Guinean dancer and drummer, and a member of the Susu people. He has dazzled audiences throughout the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and Morocco. Since the age of seven, Yansane has been immersed in the musical and dance traditions of his native country, Guinea, West Africa, where he learned by working side by side with traditional master artists. Yansane’s first teacher was his older brother, who brought Yansane to traditional events and ceremonies. His brother taught Yansane all the drum parts and corresponding dance steps and then had him play with his own group. Today, Yansane is not merely an excellent performer and teacher of Guinean polyrhythmic drumming and dance; he also promotes their cultural and historical significance. Artistic performance holds a special place in the Republic of Guinea. After the country gained independence from France in 1958, Guinea’s first president, Sékou Touré, launched a revolution to validate indigenous cultures, from their languages to their music, dance, and crafts. Touré founded the national and international touring troupe, Les Ballet Africains, to highlight Guinea’s rich cultural tradition. He also promoted national competitions to bring together and recognize music and dance groups from all over the country. Yansane, who took part in training and competitions during the last years of Toure’s administration, has worked with several of Guinea’s most reputable performance groups, including Kemoko Sano’s Ballet Merveilles and Jean Macuely’s Ballet Sanke. In 1993, Les Ballet Africains recruited Yansane to join their prestigious company. Yansane is a 2014 Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program awardee with Oregon Folklife Network.


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