CHM Event

Oregon Humanities Project: What is Cultural Appropriation?

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Coos History Museum, Sprague Gallery

What is Cultural Appropriation?

Issues of cultural appropriation and identity are complicated. Power dynamics influence who benefits from certain cultural experience, and—given the global nature of our world—parts of our individual and cultural identities are shaped by cultures other than our own. How do we make sense of this and what effect does it have on us as individuals and as Oregonians? Facilitator Surabhi Majahan will lead us in a conversation to explore cultural appropriation beyond who’s “allowed” to wear certain clothing or cook particular foods.

Surabhi Mahajan is a longtime resident and active community member in Salem, Oregon, who works for food access in her community. Her experience as part of a family of immigrants and a woman of color with a college education has helped her understand how different aspects of her culture have informed her place in the world. She looks forward to talking with fellow Oregonians to discuss how cultural appropriation shapes individuals’ experiences and identities.

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