McCullough Bridge

Highway 101 was non-existent north of Marshfield (Coos Bay) on this Oregon road map of 1920. Note that a vehicle could be ferried up Coos River to Allegany and then motored on a non-paved road that crossed in front of Golden and Silver Falls on the way to Scottsburg, Elkton and Drain.
The Coos Bay Bridge under construction in 1935. (CHM 010.1.58)
Crowds jammed downtown North Bend for the dedication of the bridge on June 5, 1936. )CHM 995.23.141 a)
Postcards like this one were sold after the McCullough Bridge was complete in 1936. (CHM 001.6.1)
This is the view looking north from the top of the McCullough Bridge towards Glasgow and Haynes Inlet. (CHM 013.17.5)
The McCullough Bridge at sunset in 2008. Note the old pilings in the foreground from the 1920s Roosevelt Ferry dock. The 1914 railroad bridge can also be seen in the distance. (Photo credit: Joan Greif)