Mosquito Fleet

Near constant small vessel traffic plied the waters of Coos bay. Nine are shown here. Note the sand dunes in the background. (CHM 992.8.0617)
Her deck loaded with hay bales and 10 gallon milk cans, the Welcome also carried passengers and mail on the Coos River. (CHM 992.8.2352 b)
Jesse Ott captained the Welcome from 1919 until her last Coos River run in 1948. (CHM 009.16.1873)
Front Street in the early 1900s was the main business section of Marshfield (now Coos Bay). Note that the business signs face the water – the direction from which they expected customers. In 1922, a major fire destroyed most of the buildings along Front Street and teh businesses relocated further inland to take advantage of the newly built Highway 101. (CHM 992.8.1119)
Milk cans, headed to a creamery, line the deck of the Welcome in the 1940s. (CHM 009.73.1)