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Instigator: The Troubled Life Of Lorenzo Dow Kinney

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By Judy and Dick Wagner, Paperback

“Major” L. D. Kinney, “The Prophet of Coos Bay” in his heyday 1902-1910, commanded far more newspaper space than his real estate rival on the bay, L. J. Simpson. Kinney promoted the Coos Bay area like no other.

Kinney predicted great prosperity for those who located on the bay. His visionary schemes included a transcontinental railway terminus, a streetcar line between Marshfield and North Bend, real estate promotion for Seaport (today’s Charleston) and general Coos Bay real estate development. Kinney, alas, spent other people’s money and his plans usually came to naught.

From his early days in Canada through adventures in Salt Lake City and Alaska, culminating with his turbulent days on the bay, Kinney’s story ends with his commitment to the state insane asylum. His exciting life is covered in this detailed book of 182 pages.

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