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Sawdust In The Western Woods

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Sawdust in the Western Woods: A personal, pictorial, and primarily oral history of the "gyppo sawmill" in the Douglas fir region, 1926-1956 94 pages, photos ...

By Lionel Youst, Paperback

This is a history of the small "gyppo" sawmill (defined as producing less than 50,000 board feet of lumber per day) in the Douglas fir region. It relies on tape recorded interviews with the author's father, George Youst (1899-1975). His experience covered most of period during which the small "gyppo" sawmill phenomenon existed. Between 1926 and 1956 he had built and operated ten sawmills in three states, giving him enormous authority on the subject. It is supplemented by personal experience of the author and supported by various archival and other sources. The book contains an original essay on the Gyppo Sawmill, its history and significance.

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