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Seafaring Lore & Legend

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By Peter D. Jeans

"Seafarers follow a way of life unlike any other, and they have created and handed down through thousands of years a rich legacy of peculiar customs, bizarre beliefs, and outlandish tales of the wonders and horrors to be found beyond the edge of the known. This source-book of maritime mystery, history, and legend leaves no superstition unturned in its quest to celebrate the most colorful and curious aspects of our nautical heritage.

Ever wonder why ships are referred to as "she" and "her", whether sea serpents ever really existed, or whether Davy Jones had a real-life origin? Seafaring Lore and Legend answers these questions and hundreds more you never thought to ask, like why "Pig & Whistle" is such a popular name for English pubs.

Maritime lore and legend is as broad and deep as the sea itself. In addition to the Mediterranean sea gods, Neptune and Poseidon, you'll meet lesser-known deities such as Portuna, Nereus, and Maui. You'll set sail with Sindbad, Saint Brendan, and a host of other legendary voyagers; travel to the lost land of Lyonesse; and get a taste of seafaring life on the Spanish Main. You'll learn about the birth of the British Royal Navy and the lives of history's greatest and most notorious sea captains, and discover so many nautical superstitions and taboos that you'll wonder how anyone ever dared to set sail at all.

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