New Survey Markers

In late September, volunteers Steve Greif and Larry Seguine installed 40 new bronze survey markers onto the grounds in front of the Coos History Museum in-between the north bioswales. These survey markers are from museum donors who contributed for the special project with a $500+ gift since the spring of 2015. The new markers are located near the original 245 markers that were set in place just prior to the museum’s opening. Thank you to local contractors Scott Partney and Kim Edd who provided expertise and equipment at no cost to move the project along and to Berntsen International, Inc. of Madison, Wisconsin which did an excellent job of manufacturing and delivering the markers. Volunteers at the front desk of the museum can guide any donor to the location of their markers. Next time you visit the museum, stop to view the names of all the wonderful donors who helped the museum’s capital campaign become a reality.

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