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Oregon Writer’s Day Winners Announced!

Earlier this year, a call went out to all Coos County high school students, SWOCC students and the general public for submissions for a creative writing contest.  On October 13, 2018, the winners were announced at the Oregon Writer’s Day which the Coos History Museum holds annually.

Click on the titles in order to read the winning submissions.



  1. The Promise             (Barbara Jernigan)
  2. Asher’s Garden        (Bill Cullenward)
  3. A Tisket, A Tasket    (Ron Miranda)

Honorable Mention: Waiting  (Bill Cullenward)


  1. Late to Madrid          (Annis Cassells)
  2. Banderlog                 (Ron Miranda)
  3. Sick as a Doggerel    (Weld Champneys)

Honorable Mention: In This Century (Annis Cassells)




  1. Nothing But The Truth          (William Crombie)
  2. Not Perfect, Almost Okay     (Alice Keating)
  3. Last Dance                             (Alice Keating)

Honorable Mention:

Armageddon                     (William Crombie)
The Battle                          (Christopher Montgomery)
Otso                                   (Taylor Stephens)


  1. Self-Portrait as a Pair of Crows   (William Crombie)
  2. Noumenon                                      (William Crombie)
  3. Ballad of a Grown Up Empress    (Alice Keating)

Honorable Mention:

Empire                                 (William Crombie)
We’re Taught                     (Megan Rutherford)
Naive Sweets                      (Bailey Aldridge aka Cranberry)

Education Director Talks on KCBY

Click here to see Amy Pollicino speak about one of the programs that go on at the museum.  The Oregon Humanities Conversation Project brings facilitators from around Oregon to speak on important ideas and topics.  The next two conversations will be happening July 13th and August 10th.

To learn more about Oregon Humanities Conversation Project click here.

To see other topics in the catalog, click here.

Contact Amy at education@cooshistory.org if you have any questions.

Pat Courtney Gold’s Basketry Classes!

We had a wonderful time hosting Pat Courtney Gold and her sister for two basket weaving classes this past weekend. On Friday, Pat taught a small Wasco Sally Bag class, followed on Saturday with a traditional twined basket class with natural plant fibers.

Students enjoyed close one on one time to develop their baskets and gain an understanding of the materials and techniques. Due to the class’s success, and interest beyond class capacity, we hope to host similar classes in the future!


Paper Puppet Theater Camp – Session One

The first session of Paper Puppet Theater Camp was a success, thanks to the creative minds and artistic talents of the kids involved and our education coordinator, Amy Pollicino.

The kids learned how to write a play and how to perform using the puppets that they made over the course of the week. The end result was “The Dog Who Saved Front Street.”

Session Two is scheduled for August 14-18, so there is still time to sign up!