Mark R. Vaughn

My name is Mark Vaughn and I am a retired Air Force Technical Sergeant,. The story behind this tattoo is a dedication to my father who passed away in October of 2015. My father, Retired Master Sergeant Chester James Vaughn was a young Sergeant in 1948 and was a mechanic on C-54's which were the work horses of the Greatest Humanitarian mission every devised by the United States Military. My father was called up from Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu Hawaii and was sent overseas to Fassburg Germany to work on the C-54's. These brave men and women who served during the Berlin Airlift saved an entire Country from being overtaken by the Soviet Union when they blockaded all traffic both air and ground into and out of West Berlin cutting off the the Berliners and attempted to starve them into joining East Berlin and becoming part of the Soviet Union. By the end of the Airlift C-54's were taking off and landing every 3 minutes delivering Coal, and food supplies to the citizens of Berlin. He served the entirety of the Berlin Airlift. After the Airlift he went on to finish 20 years of service to our Great Country. Besides his family, the Berlin Airlift was the proudest time in my fathers life, he had great friends from Germany that say that they owe him their lives and had been invited to Berlin several times to be paid tribute to for saving the city. After his death, I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to my lifelong hero and the best dad a man could ask for, I had the idea of having a Douglass C-54 flying in front of the Berlin Airlift Memorial which is found in Berlin Germany as a tribute to the men and women who saved that city from Soviet Occupation. The C-54 is taking off in memory of my father taking off into the great unknown upon his departure from this world. Mark R. Vaughn TSgt, Retired U.S. Air Force