Volunteer and Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

We have no openings at this time.

Volunteer Opportunities

Behind the scenes at the museum is a beehive of activity. Volunteers energize every aspect of operations, in many different capacities. Volunteers may opt for short-term, limited-duration assignments, or long-term, regular weekly schedules. Download the volunteer application, fill out our online application below, or pick up an application the next time you visit the museum.

Examples of volunteer opportunities include:

Front Desk
Volunteers greet and provide customer service to museum patrons. They also answer phones and handle transactions for the museum bookstore.

Scanning Project
Volunteers scan documents, photographs and negatives, ensuring their preservation and availability to staff and researchers.

Photo Description
Volunteers write detailed descriptions of historic photos.

Object Description
Volunteers write detailed descriptions of objects.

Object Photography
Take documentation photographs of objects in the museum collection.

Data Entry
Volunteers take photo and object descriptions, done by other volunteers, and enter them into our museum database. This ensures accessibility of information to staff and researchers.

Exhibit Installation
Volunteers help with the installation and removal of the changing exhibits in the museum. This position involves manual labor such as constructing walls, painting and other “handy-man” activities.

Education Program
Volunteers help the Education Coordinator with one or more of the following tasks: present historical, grade relevant information to 4th and 5th grade students; participate in living history presentations; and/or act as a docent or chaperone on field trips to historically relevant sites in the county.

For more information on volunteering at the museum, call us at (514) 765-6320 or email our Volunteer Coordinator.