CHM Writer’s Day

Writer’s Day 2021

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Please register for Writer’s Day by October 15, 2021 at the museum or online: Writer’s Day Registration

Registration for the Writer’s Day workshop with David F Walker: “How to Make Comics” is now open: Workshop Registration

This year’s 6th annual, 2021 Writer’s Day event will be held on October 16, 2021 from 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM. Attendees will be able to participate in-person at the Coos History Museum, as well as online via Zoom and Facebook. The event is free to all, there is a limit to how many attendees can join in-person at the museum. Registration is required so that we can share the Zoom link, communicate updates, and limit the number of in-person attendees. Separate or additional registration will also be required for a limited number of spots in this year’s workshop. 

To view, download, and/or print the 2021 Writer’s Day flyer(s), click here: Event and Contest Flyers

Winners Announced


1st Place: Franklin StaleyThe Magician

2nd Place: Wren Gilbert – Autophobia

3rd Place: Ember Gilbert – Dot Dot Dot


1st Place: Wren Gilbert – Chess Game

2nd Place: Jean Hale – The Three Generals

3rd Place: Eliza West – The History of Tatum Quin (1973)


1st Place: Darlene Engebretsen – Water Dance

2nd Place: Philip Noguere – The Beauty of the Japanese Garden

3rd Place: Annis Cassells – Thank You for Your Service


1st Place: Jerri Benson – Stealing Rain

2nd Place: Brittney Buxton – Curses, Hearts, and Other Broken Things You Find in Ponds

3rd Place: Delilah Kubli – The New Car

Submission Guidelines 

Contest Flyer

Deadline to submit all writing for the competition: September 18, 2021 (by 5:00 PM)


    • Up to 3 submissions accepted
    • Must not exceed 2 pages (each)
    • Note: All competition winners will have up to 3 minutes to read their winning piece or an excerpt of their piece

    Short Story (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

    • Up to 2 submissions accepted
    • Must not exceed 7 pages (each)
    • Note: All competition winners will have up to 5 minutes to read their winning piece or an excerpt of their piece

    Submission Guidelines 

    • Please keep in mind that this is a public event for all ages so submissions need to be appropriate 
    • Submissions are open to anyone age 13 and up
    • You may submit to both categories
    • All submissions must be in size 12, Times New Roman font, and have a title
    • Title of work needs to be listed on every page with page numbers, if submission is more than one page in length
    • Contact details (such as first and last name, email, and/or phone number) must be provided for each submission in the email, but do not include any identifying information in your submission
    • The category (Poetry or Short Story) and age group (Youth—13 to 17 or Adult—18+) must also be included in your submission email
    • Each piece must be submitted in an individual document (Word or PDF) by email to
    • Writing must be submitted by September 18, 2021 by 5:00 PM

    Event Information 

    Event Flyer

    1:00 PM – 2:00 PM: Writing Workshop

    2:00 PM – 3:30 PM: Guest Authors Readings and Q&A Sessions 

    3:30 PM – 4:30 PM: Writing Competition Awards Ceremony and Readings

    Competition Judges

    Noelle Ebert – Librarian at Southwestern Oregon Community College

    Zion Valet – Illustrator and Volunteer at Coos Bay Public Library

    Christopher Tanner – Interlibrary Loan Specialist at North Bend Public Library

    Weld Champneys – Poet, Artist, and retired Air Force Librarian (tie-breaker judge)

    Guest Authors 

    Lee van der Voo – As the World Burns: The New Generation of Activists and the Landmark Legal Fight Against Climate Change – Portland, OR

    Michelle Ruiz Keil – Summer in the City of Roses – Portland, OR

    Thomas Mitchell – Where We Arrive – North Bend, OR

    Workshop Author and Details

    David F. Walker – The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History – Portland, OR

    How to Make Comics: Have you ever wondered how comics are made? Do you wish you could make your own comics, even if you don’t know how to draw? Award winning comic book and graphic novel writer David F Walker walks you through the creative process of making your own comics while sharing an excerpt from his upcoming autobiographical comic.

    Lee van der Voo is an award-winning investigative and environmental journalist whose reporting has appeared in Propublica, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Atlantic, High Country News and others. Her work has been supported by significant awards and fellowships, including an Oregon Book Award for her first book, The Fish Market. Lee’s second book, As the World Burns, chronicles a year in the life of the 21 youth plaintiffs who sued the federal government over climate change in the landmark lawsuit Juliana v. United States. It was released in September 2020.

    Click here to purchase Lee van der Voo’s book(s)

    Michelle Ruiz Keil is a Latinx writer and tarot reader with an eye for the enchanted and a way with animals. Her critically acclaimed debut novel, All of Us With Wings, was called “a transcendent journey” by The New York Times. A San Francisco Bay Area native, Michelle has lived in Portland, Oregon, for many years. She curates the fairytale reading series All Kinds of Fur and lives with her family in a cottage where the forest meets the city.

    Click here to purchase Michell Ruiz Keil’s book(s)

    Thomas Mitchell was raised in New York and California, but has lived in Oregon since 1980. He received his Masters from California State University, Sacramento, where he studied with the poet, Dennis Schmitz. He received an MFA from the University of Montana, where he worked with Richard Hugo and Madeline De Frees. His first collection of poems, The Way Summer Ends, was published in 2016, followed by his second book, Caribou, in 2018. His new collection, Where We Arrive was released this year, in 2021.

    Click here to purchase Thomas Mitchell’s book(s)

    David F. Walker is an award-winning comic book writer, filmmaker, journalist, and educator. Walker is best known for his work in graphic novels and comics, which includes The Life of Frederick Douglass and The Black Panther Party (Ten Speed Press), the Eisner Award and Ringo Award-winning series Bitter Root (Image Comics), and the Eisner Award-nominated series Naomi (DC Comics). He has written for Marvel Comics (Luke CageOccupy AvengersPower Man and Iron FistNighthawkFury, Deadpool) and DC Comics (CyborgYoung Justice). He also teaches part time at Portland State University.

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