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Donors and Sponsors

As a 501c3 non profit we rely on supporters like you! Your contributions are vital to ensuring our over 130 year legacy of preservation of and accessibility to our county’s shared history continues. At a time when one in ten museums and one in five small museums permanently closed, your support has helped us keep our doors open and educational programs running. 

Please consider making a tax deductible donation via the button on this page and keep history alive and accessible for generations to come!

Thanks for your support!

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Thanks to Oregon BottleDrop, you can now donate to the Coos History Museum!

Simply click the link below and you can donate to us straight from your existing BottleDrop account!


If you or your business would like to become a sponsor or donate to the Coos History Museum, please contact us today.  We have a variety of sponsorship levels. Benefits include:



  • Name listed on Coos History Museum website and Facebook Page
  • Name listed in Coos History Museum E-blast Newsletter
  • Business contact information in Quarterly Waterways Newsletter
  • Complimentary Business Membership


  • Logo with company URL on Coos History Museum website and Facebook Page
  • Logo on Annual Report and marketing materials
  • Logo in Coos History Museum E-blast Newsletter
  • Complimentary Business Membership
  • Business contact information in Quarterly Waterways Newsletter


$5,000 +
  • Logo with company URL on Coos History Museum website and Facebook Page
  • Logo on Annual Report and marketing materials
  • Logo in Coos History Museum E-blast Newsletter
  • Complimentary Business Membership
  • Business contact information in Quarterly Waterways Newsletter
  • Sponsorship recognition at all CCHS and Museum sponsored programs & events i.e. Annual Fundraiser, First Tuesday Talks, CHM Explorer’s Club, Exhibits Openings….
Please contact our Director at director@cooshistory.org for further details

Grantors, Sponsors and Business Donors

Advanced Health
Al Peirce Co. LLC
Bead Dancing
City of Coos Bay
Coos Bay North Bend Rotary
Coos County Tourism Workgroup
Coquille Animal Hospital
Coquille Indian Tribe
Davis, Freudenberg, Day, Driver & Fournier
Dolphin Playhouse
Everlasting Video Memories
Ford Family Foundation
Granger Family Charitable Trust
Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization – Africa House
Interiors by JD
Judith Ann Mogan Foundation
Morrison Books
National Endowment of the Humanities
North Bend School District
Off the Record
Oregon Coast Community Action
Oregon Coast Visitors Association
Oregon Humanities
Oregon Tourism Commission / Travel Oregon
Powers Ranch Co.
Stuntzner Engineering
The Eugene and Marlania Johnston Chartible Foundat
The Vigue Company
United Way of Southwestern Oregon

Individual Donors

Albert and Joan Powers
Alli Langley
Ann Collins
Anne Guerin
Anne Strong
Anonymous Donor
Arica Sears
Arthur and Antoinette Poole
Barbara Cribb
Barbara L. Taylor and Steven Fowler
Benjamin Brown
Bettina Baer Luce
Bill and Joan Kendrick
Brent Libby
Bruce C Jones Jr
C N Ostrand-Ponsioen
Carol and Ron Miranda
Carol Baughman
Carol Ventgen
Cecilia La Praim
Chris Stephens
Christine Moffitt
Christine Thomas
Clark C Munro
Cory Smith
Dan and Charlyn Myers
Dan and Lisa Mast
David and Shirley Bridgham
David Ferre
Deanna McCord
Diana and Chuck Wall
Don and Renee Blom
Don Ivy and Lucinda Dinovo
Don Ivy Family
Donald Poage
Donna Rabin and Steve Richardson
Doug and Cricket Soules

Individual Donors

Dr. Robert Macy
Elaine Raper
Elaine Stanovsky
Elizabeth Auvil
Eric Williams
Ernie & Sandra Manders
Frances V Hernandez
Gary and Martha Gregor
George Ahuna
Grant and Rae Lea Cousens
Greg and Barbara Rueger
Gregory and Elizabeth McClarren
Haley Lagasse
Heide Cummings
J. Richard and Judy Wagner
Jacob and Anna Brands-Schep
Jan Bishop Hall
Janet Hagge
Jeff and Caddy McKeown
Jeff and Carol Davis
Jennifer Shafer
Jeri and Steve Wilgers
Jerry and Bonnie Cox
Jerry Peasley
Jill Cunningham
Jim and Sue Graves
Jill Cunningham
Jim and Sue Graves
Jim Scavera
Joanne Verger
Joseph & Zandra McKeown
Joe and Lyndi Stoffel
John and Jean Frye
John and Rose Briggs
John and Ruth Forrester
John Livingston
John Mitchell

Individual Donors

Jon and Kathy Richards
Jon and Lee Littlefield
Joyce and Lou Caretti
Joyce Farr
Julianna Seldon
Juliet Heron
June Willoughby
Kathryn Fernandez
Kathy Sprague
Kay Kerriden
Kelli Bosak
Kelsey Morris
Lana & Peter Graff
Larry & Trish Seguine
Laura Williams
Leo and Paula Kusuda
Les and Becky Engle
Linda Bufton
Linda Hall
Linda Strine
Lonn and Linda Simmons
Lyn Saucier
Mallory Hartz
Marcia M Hart
Martha O’Brien
Mary Sue Wheeler
Michael and LeaAnne Kelley
Michael Lucas
Mike Perkins
Mislen Bauer
Mowry Smith III
Nadiene Greif
Nancy Price
Nathan and Eva Douthit
Norm Herning
Norma Davis
Patrick and Nancy Cross

Individual Donors

Patrick Franks
Patti Kileen & Lloyd Maxfield
Paul and Marilyn Halvor
Paula M. Bechtold
Rebecca Hill
Richard Whitwer
Robert E. and Julie L. Granger
Robert Mahaffy
Robert Berry
Robert Kuenzli
Robert Voss
Rudy and Mary Jo Juul
Ruth Marie Martin
Sara Stephens
Scott & Peggy Milburn
Stacey Fox
Steve and Joan Greif
Susan Anderson
Susanna Mendizabal
Suzann Robins
Taylor Stewart
Thomas Forney
Thomas Holt
Tina Mendizabal
Tom and Joan Stamper
Tom Orsi
Toni Wyatt Kirkeby
Tony Vandermeer
Toyin Akanni
Trent and Lisa Stewart
Tyler Mulkey
Wesley & Dianne Tanac
William Mast
Yvonne and Michael Ousley
Zachariah Rix

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