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Celebrate Juneteenth

CHM Juneteenth Celebration 2024

CHM will be hosting a FREE DAY in honor of Juneteenth on 6/18. CHM will be closed on Juneteenth (6/19).

A Keynote Address from Oregon Remembrance Project’s Taylor Stewart, 2023

FREE discussion followed by Q&A at the Coos History Museum with Taylor Stewart.  Learn about Juneteenth and its historical ties to black communities and how resilience through equity is achieved. We will also be remembering the life of Mr. Alonzo Tucker.

Taylor Stewart has resided in Portland, OR his entire life. He graduated from the University of Portland with a degree in Communication and Portland State University with a Master’s in Social Work. Two encounters inspired Stewart to start the Oregon Remembrance Project. The first was a quote from John Lewis, longtime Civil Rights icon and Congressman from Georgia, who said, “If not us, then who? If not now, then when?” This inspired Stewart with the fierce urgency of now. The second was the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum where the museum focused on the stories of everyday Mississippians who did their part to pave the way for justice. This taught Stewart the idea that you don’t have to be an extraordinary person to do extraordinary things. Stewart’s life was transformed by the opportunity to participate in the Equal Justice Initiative’s Community Remembrance Projects. He hopes to bring that same opportunity for transformation to other individuals and communities in Oregon.

To learn more about Mr. Alonzo Tucker follow the link:

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