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Our Mission and Vision


The Coos History Museum creates a better understanding of life in Coos County and Oregon’s South Coast, past and present, and our place in that life.  We do this by collecting and preserving stories, artifacts, photographs, and documents, and by helping create opportunities for people to interpret them in meaningful thought-provoking, and engaging ways.


The Coos History Museum is a welcoming community gathering place and a valued regional resource.  We share intriguing human stories about Coos County and Oregon’s South Coast, and we help diverse audiences connect with each other and with our region’s culture, histories, and heritage.

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Museums are a vital part of how we tell the stories of who we are, who we’ve been, and how we will live together. They maintain our cultural heritage and teach us about all the ways we are different and the same. Reflecting the diversity of that heritage is a critical part of the Coos County Historical Society and the Coos History Museums’ work. We work towards highlighting diversity, equity, and inclusion as a key focus area in our strategic priorities and educational programming. Inclusion is how we move toward our equity goal, and diversity describes the breadth of our experiences and perspectives.

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