Our Collection

Our collections – which now include more than 50,000 objects and more than 250,000 images – illuminate the cultural history of the Coos region and south coastal Oregon. The museum’s collections include artifacts, images, and archival material relevant to Coos regional history, dating from pre-history through the 1970s. We especially value artifacts, photos, and documents related to the maritime history of our region. The collections provide core materials for many of our services, including research, presentations, educational programs and exhibits.

It’s Here!

You can now see some of our historical images online. We will be adding images on a regular basis, so check back again soon!

 Coos History Museum images online here!

Only a fraction of our collections are exhibited at any one time to guard against damage from prolonged exposure to light or accidental contact.

Our collections are managed through a computerized database (PastPerfect). Museum staff can locate detailed information, descriptions, and thumbnail images of objects, images, archives, and research library information without inflicting wear and tear on objects. Subparts of the database are in various stages of development thanks to our dedicated volunteers.

Donating Objects and Images

Items that illuminate any aspect of Coos regional history may be eligible for donation to the museum. “Common place” objects and images are as important as those that may reflect a unique event, individual, or perspective.

Our Curator will be happy to arrange a time to meet either at the museum or wherever any large or heavy item may be stored. You will be given a receipt acknowledging our possession of your item while it is being evaluated by the Accessions Committee, and any donation will be formalized with a Gift Agreement. We are not permitted to pay for any appraisal or to estimate the value of your item. For further information please email curator@cooshistory.org.