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Digital Image Reproduction Release

Coos History Museum offers reproductions of its collection material as a service for research, educational, and commercial use. Fees for reproduction cover costs associated with technical services including research, retrieval of materials, equipment use, care and handling of materials, metadata creation and delivery.

This release applies to the following images listed below. This releases the image(s) to be reproduced for the indicated purpose only, subject to the CONDITIONS printed on the reverse. Permission for reproduction is granted only when countersigned by the authorized representative of the Coos History Museum.

Certain works may be protected by copyright, trademark, or related interests not owned by the Coos History Museum. Permission will be granted only to the extent of the Museum’s ownership of the rights relating to the particular request.

Intended Use(Required)

Costs and Fees

Personal Research, Education, Private use $10.00 per image reproduction cost. Additional expenses may be applied depending on staff time required for project.
Commercial Use $10.00 per image reproduction cost plus $20.00 per image permission fee. Additional expenses may be applied depending on staff time required for project.


1) Permission is granted for NONEXCLUSIVE ONE TIME USE ONLY. Any subsequent use of a copy must be applied for in writing and requires the permission of the Society. This includes use in a new project, edition or format as well as use in any promotional material.

2) The Society may, in the event of unauthorized reproduction, require surrender of all materials containing unauthorized reproductions, and the applicant agrees that such materials shall be immediately surrendered upon receipt of request from the Society.

3) Permission for reproduction is limited to the applicant and is non-transferable. Permission for reproduction is granted only for the expressed purpose described in this application.

4) All reproductions must be credited to the Coos History Museum. Each image number and photographer’s name, when provided, must be included in the credit line. The credit line must appear with the item or on a credit page, indicating the page number and the location on the page, for each item. Sample: Stadden Collection, Coos History Museum, CHM 982.154 Sample: Coos History Museum, CHM 982.154

5) Upon publication, one copy of the work in which the Society’s photographs or images have been used shall be furnished to the Society, at no cost to the Society, for our reference.

6) No image obtained from the Coos County Historical Society shall be altered in any way. The image must not be cropped, overprinted, printed on color stock, bleed off the page, or manipulated in any way, without written permission in advance from the Society. The Society reserves the right to examine proofs and captions for accuracy and sensitivity prior to publication with the right to revise at its discretion.

7) Most requests take three to five weeks to process. Advance payment is required for all orders unless special arrangements have been made prior to placing the order. Default in payment shall immediately revoke permission.

8) Special Permission for Commercial Use: The user may not reproduce the image in an advertisement, publication or any commercial use, unless permission has been granted by the Society.

9) Permission Fee for Commercial Use: A permission fee will be assessed for reproductions for publication or commercial use. Payment of this fee does not exempt the user from the credit line requirements or any conditions herein.

10) Copyright Law & Infringement: All responsibility for possible copyright infringement and invasion of privacy arising from use of reproductions in assumed by the user.

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